October 17, 2010

What a dramaaa -.-

Things goes like this: I'm standing here in front of 2 different paths. Thinking of which path should I go. It's so complicated!

Part 1 ; playing with feelings.
My feeling been played. Wow, lesson i got here, not only toys can be played, feelings also can. You should try it. Play it with my heart -______- again.

Part 2 ; things happen again, it's just going in circle I guess.
Oh, you did it.... Oh, you did it again.... Oh, you did it again and again! What's your problems? Please, stop it. Thanks for let it happenned once, but I don't want it to happen again. I'm sorry :'|

Part 3 ; when hates become loves.
When hates become loves, it's so unpredictable. You hurt my feelings, you do it again, I hate you and I started to love you back. Wow, what a drama -.- and what a great game. Thanks for inviting me play it with you. Just wanna say, IT'S SICK!