July 30, 2010

 I miss you so much T.T
i hope you can hear this secret and thanks for hating me :'(

Ice War !

It's nice to have a ice, but it's great to have a ice war !

Yesterday, me, anita, aisyah and nik were having a new game named ICE WAR !

Aisyah : No no, ice fight !
Fanaa : No, ice war !
Aisyah : Ice fight laaa !
Anita : Ice war la,
Aisyah : Iyelaaa >.<
Fanaa : HAHA xD

That day, poor Malia coz dye puasa and tak dapat mengikuti ice war ini T.T
But nvm, ktorang maen pon lps malia balik, bubbye malia xD

First of all, rasa mcm nk beli air, so kluar laa kejap and beli air. But before that, kenapa balik lmbt ? Erm, sbb mls nk blek awl, LOL. Lps habis air, ade ais kt dlm. Skali, PUUUPP... ! perlawanan bermula ~
And of course, we devided to 2 groups. Anita & Fanaa vs Aisyah & Nik. Act, game ni ala ala maen police and thief je cume guna ice. 1, 2, 3.. Aisyah and Nik lariiii dan Anita & Fanaa mengejar smbil ice digenggam di dlm tapak tngn. Anita kejar Aisyah manakala Fanaa mengejar Nik. Tapi, tbe2 Nik hilang so dua2 kejar Aisyah.. Aisyah menjerit kesakitan tetapi tdak diendahkn. Tbe2 nmpak something bergerak, guess what, Nik is hiding behind the flag under the garage, dasar budak kecik -.- Ape lagi... kejarrrrrr ! HAHA

Anita suddenly say , nk yg fresh ( Aisyah ) ke yg kurang fresh ( Nik ) ? haha, comel je. From that war, we have a new nickname for Aisyah besides Ecah, Chachan, Esah, Cik Siti Ayu, that is FRESHIE xD
Ngehehh :D

July 26, 2010

What should I do ?

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle, life is a maze and love is a riddle, I don't know where to go, can't do it alone, I've try and I don't know why ~
I'm now have to choose between some path before going through my life. Should I go to the right? Or just turn to the left? I believe nobody can give me any opinion coz this is my life and the only person who can control it nobody else than myself. 
People said don't judge the book by it's cover. My advise, judge the book after you read the sinopsis behind coz that might be an interesting book at all :) Just like me, if you don't know me deeply, please don't cha ever judge me. It such an easy job right? OK, back to topic! I'm now having A VERY SERIOUSE PROBLEM! *gelabahh, nk dramatik cket
LOL ~ everybody was inviting me to become one of the actress in their drama! WHY ME?! :O I'm not a good actress at all. I'm also not a good gamer. I'm just me, can't you get that? Huh? ==
p/s : orang di dalm gmbar itu adalah saya sndiri ;D 
        asal? ta percaya? sape soh percaya xDD

July 24, 2010

unfutukfuk kafamufu

T.T : Do you hate me ? 
^.^ : Oh, not yet. On the way :)
# I'm not the one who can always cheer you up. You said that. I'm the one who always mess you up. You said that too. I'm not the kind of person who knows what is the meaning of love. You said that. I'm not the one who knows the real meaning of hate. You said that too. I'm arrogant, very very arrogant. You said that. So, I decided to say that, I'm not the one who always cheer you up but the one who always mess you. I'm stupid that's why I don't know the meaning of love and hate, and I'm kinda lazy to search it in the dictionary also. And yes, I'm very arrogant. All the things that you said were just the truth and I am nobody to oppose that facts. And, you're not forgettable and and, peace ^^v

July 23, 2010

Penggawas xD

Mcm mana bole jadi penggawas? Tanya C.Fauziah. Dye yg reka xD

Skrg, TERPAKSA balik lmbat slalu coz nk buad persiapan utk persembahan masa jamuan penggawas naty. 

Prefect's Annual Gathering 
Tarikh : 08.08.10        ( Ahad )
Tempat : Hotel Grand Seasons, Kuala Lumpur
Masa : 10 pagi - 4 petang
Tema : Spring Garden 
Bayaran tambahan : RM 40

Soalan-soalan :-

a. Macm mana nk pergi ?
b. 10 pagi - 4 petang, bila nk solat Zuhur ?
c. Garden Spring? Mana aku nk crik baju mcm tu ? Mahal kott -.- plus, baju utk persembahan lg nk kena beli tp pkainya skali je 
d. Klau ditmbah semua duit yg perlu dibayar brjumlah RM 80 (trmasuk bayaran RM 4 setiap bulan) , Banyaknyeee !! 
e. Sape bole jawbkan ?


July 22, 2010

A life game

I'm not feel broken hearted, I just feel a great pain . Yeah, a serious pain. But someone told me before,
"if you wanna cry, let it be, cry freely. After you satisfied , get up and go through your life with a new spirit. Don't let people knows your weakness, stay strong!"

I really remember your words. Maybe your words is the reason why I'm still standing strong with my own two feet in this world. Thanks a lot (:
Now, here, I'm won't allow people named "stranger" to interfere my life again. And I will not play such a stupid game with them coz at the end, they accused me cheating in the game -.- Great huh? Playing people feeling, that such a fun things to do but it is the most painful things to be felt. Hey, i'm not broken hearted right now. I'm just train myself to accept reality because reality is reality and nobody can change it. Fyi, all the thing that I posted here are the words from the deep inside my heart. Don't like? Just backstabb me, hate me, idc ~
My world is my world, and your world is your world :)

July 10, 2010

I wish I could

- All I ever wanted is some attention, it sounds easy to get but for me, it's kinda difficult
- I wanna know what is the true meaning of life
- I wanna meet someone who had been created for me, with no doubt
- I wanna see my mother cry with tears of joy bcoz seeing me success in life
- I wanna meet my dad in heaven :'(
- I wanna see all my sisters become a great doctors, bcoz that's what my late dad want to
- I wanna hear someone say to me, "you're the best thing I ever done in my life"
- I wanna be a good friend to all my friends :)
# I want a Nikon camera and if i could, i want a Nikon camera with long lens
# I wanna have a sleepover at my friend house, although only once
# I want to trade-in my phone
# I wanna have my own laptop, pink or white
# I wanna change my phone number, if i can
# I want a guitar ^^
# I want 8A's in PMR
# I wanna be the old me ):


I did wrong :(

I did wrong ( Part 1 )

I did wrong ( Part 2 )

Don't know when and don't know why, I started to love korean songs. Thanks to Aisyah bcoz introduced me to korean world. But I'm not addicted to korean yet (:  Seulong handsome xD

Hey hey people!

On my last post, I told cha I wanna let my blog private right? But now i changed my mind, and I will open my blog for all readers. So, no judging, no criticize, just read and shut up. It really easy! I guess?

This week story , actually there's nothing kott.. OH, there's something. Seriously I hate it! CHANGE PLACES -.- Anita yg dr blakng tros ke depan skali. Aisyah and I have to separate. But still side by side. So, say hello to new partner, Hanani Hannan a.k.a Papan ! *aku senyap je duduk sblah dye, no topic to say so xD

p/s : bile abg-kakak 4BS1 nk bg blek langsir 1 Ibnusina? Silau kott -.-

July 4, 2010

Hari Karnival SMKSK

Everyone again and again busy talking about "Seri Keramat Punye Karnival". So, what can I do? Join jelaa crite tu ;D Talking bout carnival, my comment, this carnival just okay okay je, no doubt. Well, the carnival begun at 8.00 a.m., I guess ? I came at 7.50 a.m. but entered the school at 8.10 a.m. because of Anita's fault -.-

Then, pusing pusing pusing, we decided to entered science lab 1 ~ Wohoooooo, after 3 times lined up baru dpt masok. And of course, I just gave them stupid reasons ever xD Sorry girls ... But heyyy, kita still msok kan ? Wlaupon aku tutup mata ;D  Asalkn ade pengalaman sudaa....

I just don't know what to tell because I'm not enjoying myself there ==' But, there's something that I really wanna tell :

Thanks to N.L.V coz spent time with me today, yeah, you girls are great !  N.L.V

*sy sent mcm ni sbb sy tada idea, maaf :)

July 3, 2010

The Italian Man Who Went To Malta

p/s : Tengokk, tengokk !

Minggu ni punye stories daa ~

Everybody just won't stop talking bout SMK Seri Keramat's big event that will be held tomorrow. After thinking and thinking all over again, i think i just don't wanna go to that carnival! Why? Sorry, i think it's better to let it secret -.- and for sure, I have to go coz kupon da beli daa ~

Sudh kelamanaan ta update blog bukn ? Well, of course ade bnyk story, kot ? First, thank God bcoz hubungn N.L.V da mkin baek ;D Malia da mkin rapt wlaupon still ade gado2. I just can't forget the day that we all edit-ing Katy Perry song, hot & cold become shirt & shoes xD They all really good in that. Right? Bab bab mengampu ni korang mmg hebad! Plus, when you guys sang the songs for kindergarten, it reminds me when I was young. Hahah, zaman kanak-kanak adalh zaman pling berharga ~ *lirik shirt & shoes akn di update tidak lama lg. Nntikan kemunculannye, rekaan oleh Anita, Aisyah & Malia x)

Second, Me and Aisyah have our new things to do after school. We like to have our time at the park at AU5. That place was sooo sooo sooo nice. We can smile, cry, laugh, shout as long as we want. But, we didn't do that yet laa.. buad malu je ~ Plus, ikot jalan tu, rse dekt plak smpai rumah so we decided to spend half hour at that park before continue our journey. Tp, hari jumaat hari tu trpaksa dudk skejap je kt situ coz ade mamat-mamat ponteng solat jumaat bertenggek kt situ -.- Dtg bulan ke bang ? 

Third, I love Mathematics ♥ 
Hahah, Pn.Sanisah always repeat twice to me bcoz saya bukn seseorg yg cepat tgkap. Or should I say, I love dreaming in class. Hahah xD Sorry ... Next, Pn.Sanisah have her own trademark, that what makes me and the whole class love that subject :) Nyeetnyeet, Zappzapp ~

Fourth, somebody left my bestie behind alone? Pffth -.- Sian dye, don't worry, aku ade ;) *sapelaa yg fanaa ni mksod kn enn? Hahah, tapayah la tau. Naty mkin sedih org tu 

Fifth, Sy akn mula jrg update blog bcoz tada idea & tada masa :) Sorry dear stalkers... Plus, i need to cencentrate to my study. Yeah, my study worst kott :'( Ckgu ta abs2 nk compared IbnuSina dgn B.Arab dan Akmal. Bengkak tlinga dgr -__- tp mgken juga slh ktorg coz maen2 dlm klas xDD

Sixth, otak sy mulai hilang idea LOL x) Bubbye la yek ^^v