October 3, 2010

MTV Awards 2009

When Taylor Swift was announced as the winner of the Best Female Video Award :---


Hell yeah Kanye West -.- Sesuka hati dye je cakap yg Beyonce patut mng award tu. Kesian Taylor Swift :'(

But the sweet thing is, when Beyonce won the Best Video Of The Year Award, she called Taylor Swift and asked her to continue her speech yang "terbantut" because of Kanye West :---

Then, Taylor Swift created a song for Kanye West that says she's forgive him :---

p/s : Who you are is not what you did : is the lyrics that dedicated to Kanye West

My opinion : Taylor Swift deserved that award for the song, You Belong With Me. Isn't that song's music video is great and pretty sweet? Whatever it is, Taylor Swift is a strong girl. I'm still you're biggest fan, Swift :D 
And, lepas ni nak tgok MTV Awards! Selama ni tk pernah tgok pun so tktau pasal benda ni. Thanks to Hanani Hannan coz bgtau bnda ni :)

--- For full story : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LtSX_6on7g