October 17, 2010

My problems -.-

"I think negative and I'll cry"

Sorry pillows, my tears always wets you. It's hard to handle it. Thank you for accompany me every night. I know that 'big girls don't try', but I can't stop it. I'm sorry :'(

"Norfarhanah, the big girl, cries a lot". Okay, this is my statement. Any problems? I prefer to cry when i'm stressed than eating like I always do. That's why i'm fat -_______- taknak cakap tp terpaksa cakap. So the only way to reduce my stress is crying. Want to story with people pun, no one could be trusted so I just let the pillows hear my heart sigh.

Much critical, when my mind can't stop thinking about a thing in negative ways. I just don't want to put high expectations on a thing. Because, I don't want to regret if I couldn't get it. So let's think negative with me? XD

Note to self : Don't stress, don't keep it inside, let it free..... by crying and negative thinking HAHA