July 3, 2010

Minggu ni punye stories daa ~

Everybody just won't stop talking bout SMK Seri Keramat's big event that will be held tomorrow. After thinking and thinking all over again, i think i just don't wanna go to that carnival! Why? Sorry, i think it's better to let it secret -.- and for sure, I have to go coz kupon da beli daa ~

Sudh kelamanaan ta update blog bukn ? Well, of course ade bnyk story, kot ? First, thank God bcoz hubungn N.L.V da mkin baek ;D Malia da mkin rapt wlaupon still ade gado2. I just can't forget the day that we all edit-ing Katy Perry song, hot & cold become shirt & shoes xD They all really good in that. Right? Bab bab mengampu ni korang mmg hebad! Plus, when you guys sang the songs for kindergarten, it reminds me when I was young. Hahah, zaman kanak-kanak adalh zaman pling berharga ~ *lirik shirt & shoes akn di update tidak lama lg. Nntikan kemunculannye, rekaan oleh Anita, Aisyah & Malia x)

Second, Me and Aisyah have our new things to do after school. We like to have our time at the park at AU5. That place was sooo sooo sooo nice. We can smile, cry, laugh, shout as long as we want. But, we didn't do that yet laa.. buad malu je ~ Plus, ikot jalan tu, rse dekt plak smpai rumah so we decided to spend half hour at that park before continue our journey. Tp, hari jumaat hari tu trpaksa dudk skejap je kt situ coz ade mamat-mamat ponteng solat jumaat bertenggek kt situ -.- Dtg bulan ke bang ? 

Third, I love Mathematics ♥ 
Hahah, Pn.Sanisah always repeat twice to me bcoz saya bukn seseorg yg cepat tgkap. Or should I say, I love dreaming in class. Hahah xD Sorry ... Next, Pn.Sanisah have her own trademark, that what makes me and the whole class love that subject :) Nyeetnyeet, Zappzapp ~

Fourth, somebody left my bestie behind alone? Pffth -.- Sian dye, don't worry, aku ade ;) *sapelaa yg fanaa ni mksod kn enn? Hahah, tapayah la tau. Naty mkin sedih org tu 

Fifth, Sy akn mula jrg update blog bcoz tada idea & tada masa :) Sorry dear stalkers... Plus, i need to cencentrate to my study. Yeah, my study worst kott :'( Ckgu ta abs2 nk compared IbnuSina dgn B.Arab dan Akmal. Bengkak tlinga dgr -__- tp mgken juga slh ktorg coz maen2 dlm klas xDD

Sixth, otak sy mulai hilang idea LOL x) Bubbye la yek ^^v