July 10, 2010

I wish I could

- All I ever wanted is some attention, it sounds easy to get but for me, it's kinda difficult
- I wanna know what is the true meaning of life
- I wanna meet someone who had been created for me, with no doubt
- I wanna see my mother cry with tears of joy bcoz seeing me success in life
- I wanna meet my dad in heaven :'(
- I wanna see all my sisters become a great doctors, bcoz that's what my late dad want to
- I wanna hear someone say to me, "you're the best thing I ever done in my life"
- I wanna be a good friend to all my friends :)
# I want a Nikon camera and if i could, i want a Nikon camera with long lens
# I wanna have a sleepover at my friend house, although only once
# I want to trade-in my phone
# I wanna have my own laptop, pink or white
# I wanna change my phone number, if i can
# I want a guitar ^^
# I want 8A's in PMR
# I wanna be the old me ):