July 10, 2010

Don't know when and don't know why, I started to love korean songs. Thanks to Aisyah bcoz introduced me to korean world. But I'm not addicted to korean yet (:  Seulong handsome xD

Hey hey people!

On my last post, I told cha I wanna let my blog private right? But now i changed my mind, and I will open my blog for all readers. So, no judging, no criticize, just read and shut up. It really easy! I guess?

This week story , actually there's nothing kott.. OH, there's something. Seriously I hate it! CHANGE PLACES -.- Anita yg dr blakng tros ke depan skali. Aisyah and I have to separate. But still side by side. So, say hello to new partner, Hanani Hannan a.k.a Papan ! *aku senyap je duduk sblah dye, no topic to say so xD

p/s : bile abg-kakak 4BS1 nk bg blek langsir 1 Ibnusina? Silau kott -.-