July 22, 2010

A life game

I'm not feel broken hearted, I just feel a great pain . Yeah, a serious pain. But someone told me before,
"if you wanna cry, let it be, cry freely. After you satisfied , get up and go through your life with a new spirit. Don't let people knows your weakness, stay strong!"

I really remember your words. Maybe your words is the reason why I'm still standing strong with my own two feet in this world. Thanks a lot (:
Now, here, I'm won't allow people named "stranger" to interfere my life again. And I will not play such a stupid game with them coz at the end, they accused me cheating in the game -.- Great huh? Playing people feeling, that such a fun things to do but it is the most painful things to be felt. Hey, i'm not broken hearted right now. I'm just train myself to accept reality because reality is reality and nobody can change it. Fyi, all the thing that I posted here are the words from the deep inside my heart. Don't like? Just backstabb me, hate me, idc ~
My world is my world, and your world is your world :)