April 3, 2011

Time goes by

Like seriously, it has been a long time I left this blog without any food. Or should I said, with no stories. Where have I been? I'm not going anywhere, I'm just here around somewhere. Thinking about life. As we all known, March had just passed by. Many good things happened, not forgotten the bad things either -__- Well, how am I supposed to tell you guys about the bad things? It's not even interesting, so not! What if i'm just shortened the stories, and tell about the good one? No objection? Good, let's begin :D

In the beggining of March, we'll just get ourselves ready for our first test. Yeah, first assessment test. It supposed to be such an easy test right? Not for me. Suddenly shit happens. Just follow my heart and thank God, the result is not bad as I think it will be :D Not 8A's, still not in that stage. 6A's is such a good improvement to me. There's nothing to be proud of. Still have to work hard for my History and Mathematics.  

I'm now a fourteen years old girl. Proud to admit that. 18th of March, an ordinary Friday at first. Just accompanied with a soundtrack called Friday by Rebecca Black. Suddenly changed to a night to remember. Thanks to everyone who wished me. Thanks for the long text messeges. Thanks for willing to call me. Thanks for playing your deep blue coloured guitar for me. Thanks for the cute little chocolate cupcakes. Thanks for the word. Sincerely, Iloveyouguysmore ♥ 

Now, it's nothing but a memories to me. Goodbye March, thanks for being good. You taught me a lot about life. Hopes to see you soon.

Dear April, 

It have been for so long I didn't met you, since last year. Thanks for coming back. I do really hope that you bring any difference to my life before you decided to left me again. Please cheer me up with all your stupid April Fool jokes. Teach me something new. Something that can help me see myself, standing with my own  feet. Don't be too naughty, i'm afraid I can't handle it. Most of all, please be such a good month. Be a memories to me

With love,