May 17, 2010

creds to rojak xD


how are you? I'm just in the normal situation, i guess so. Yeah, full of problems. Well, my life won't complete without them. Err, so long I don't hear about you. So, once again, how are you? ^.^ Heyy, I bet you alright.

Yaww, about that boarding school that I wanna go.. Actually, It's true. Sorry coz I don't tell you before. I just got that news last week and for sure, i won't miss up that opportunities. lalala ~ cuak ke? tipu jelaa xP

So, how's study? hopes getting better. And, I MISS YOU GILE BABENG ARR ! btw, fifa just called me, she said she will be here in K.L about 3 weeks than now.And, she said she wanna meet all her friends. or should I said, REUNION -.- but, sumpah kata, mls nk plan sbb takan penah jadi. Klau ade plan, rerajin la msj sy di talian 03-4107**** atau 017688**** atau myspace sy yg tercinta itu :)

Err, key arr, bubbye.