April 16, 2010

School -_-

Huh, KRK makes me crazy laa !

Lots of choral speaking practice until I got coughing & tons of homeworks.

Please! Give us a break! Less books, less homeworks! That's what we are all asking! *blablabla

T'cher always say bout PMR until my bath ta basah, my meal ta kenyang, my sleep ta nyenyak.

Ohh, but choral speaking great ! Remember our theme, GEDIK ! Harhar xD

Besides, relationship with sisters also in a good condition. Ily la ~

Err... Stayback. Asal bila ktorg stayback, korang halau. Bila ktorg ta stayback, korang mncari-cari plak?

- Wierd Human -
Okok, It's been a long time I don't see his face. Ohh Man, don't say that I crushed for you ?
Err... i don't know -_-'

Then, Yeah, I hate you! I don't want to hate you but you are the main reason why i hate you! Sorry .

More than that? No more.. Enjoy your life :)